Dolomite is the name of both a carbonate rock and a mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate (CaMg(CO3)2) found in crystals.

Dolomite rock (also dolostone) is composed predominantly of the mineral dolomite.

Dolomite crystals range from transparent to translucent, but dolomite grains in rocks are typically translucent or nearly opaque.

Dolomite was first described in 1791 as the rock by the French naturalist and geologist, Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu (1750-1801) for exposures in the Dolomite Alps of northern Italy.

Usage –

  • Paint Industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Gardening, Plantation & Farming

Grades offered –

  • Dolomite Delux – upto 200 mesh
  • White Dolomite – upto 500 mesh
  • Dolomite Grains (Size – 6/12, 8/16, 30/80, 100/200)