About Massawi Industries


To be one of the best mineral suppliers in the nation that is known for its high quality products & services and capable of meeting every customer’s requirements.


To provide products and services by adopting latest innovation and modern technology keeping focus on Quality; in all of our company’s products and services.


  • Honesty
  • Commitment to customers
  • Quality

Step by step procedure followed for the processing of highest quality Mineral Powders:

Industries We Serve

Plastic Industry

Minerals Distributors/Dealers/Stockist

Paint Raw Materials Dealers & Distributors

Construction Industries

Allied Industries

Ceramic Industries

Glass Mfg Ind

Rubber Sheets Mfg

Tyres-Tubes manufacturers

Chemical Industries

Insectisides & pestisides Mfg. Ind

Footwear Mfg. & Cosmetic Industries